Vimmi Vatish Myofascial Release &
Deep Tissue Massage

I have been practising massage for over 15years and draw on a range of styles including Swedish massage, thai massage, pressure points and deep tissue. I have also recently qualified in Myofascial Release (MFR) and integrate this into my practice.

I work with the client to identify what best meets their needs on their journey to health and well being. I meet them where they are at. For some, treatment will be about pampering and relaxation, and for others, it will be about working more deeply to unwind and release stuck patterns. Assisted stretches, sustained holds and hands on release, rocking and palpation techniques may be employed as appropriate. Touch may be light and gentle, or more dynamic and strong. The body is never forced but rather guides me into how deep to sink. I trust the body's innate wisdom, and believe that through releasing unwanted patterns and tension, and allowing space, we are better able to listen to the body, re-orient ourselves towards health, and connect with a life source that sustains us. No two treatments are ever the same.

Fascia is a fluid, continuous web of connective tissue, which infuses and surrounds every cell in our body. It supports ease of movement and also acts as a cushion and shock absorber. When fascia is placed under strain, it begins to harden, leading to restriction and pain. The sources of strain may be physical, emotional or mental, such as an accident, or anxiety. As fascia holds memory, unresolved traumas can be held in the body even from birth and before!

Myofascial Release aims to free up restrictions and soften the fascia, thereby supporting the body's cardiovascular, lymphatic and other self heal systems. Given space, nurture and support, the body has an immense natural healing capacity, and is able to rebalance and align from within.
Myofascial Release is particularly helpful with recovery from injuries and trauma, chronic fatigue, headaches, backache, menstrual complaints and stress related conditions. It can have a powerful and profound effect.

Deep Tissue massage can help with backache, muscular tension, sciatica, and is deeply nourishing and restorative.
Both of these modalities work effectively alone and also as an integrated treatment.
Costs: 1 hour £45 2 hours £80
Contact Vimmi on 0785 991 5353 or [email protected]

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 8am - 8:00pm
Unit 1,
Lower Centurion Works,
Lower Union Road,
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